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Shipchandler in Halland has membership no 11 in Sweden                                                           ( Go in and look via Issa Logo link )


About ISSA

ISSA (International Shipsuppliers & Services Association)

Welcome to the ISSA web site and thank you for visiting!

ISSA is the international association representing nearly 2,000 ship suppliers throughout the world.

We have 43 national associations of ship suppliers as full ISSA members and associate members in 52 other countries where no national association exists. Click on ISSA Register to see the full membership list and the over 500 locations that are served by ISSA members.

ISSA members have to undergo a rigorous vetting procedure before gaining admittance. If you are interested in joining ISSA click on the Membership Information button for full details.

Our members and the goods and services they offer can be found in every major port in the world. Simply click on the ISSA Register button and you will quickly find your reliable, quality-driven ship supply partner wherever you are.

Ship supply is at least 5,000 years old! We have a drawing of a Phoenician ship being supplied although we admit ISSA has not been around that long.

The Association was formed in 1955 and celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2005 of half a century of service to the maritime industry.

Select an ISSA Member and you can be sure of getting the best service, finest quality and fairest prices for your supplies.

Ship supply is recognised as very much a “relationship” business. To ensure fair trading and best practice ISSA has developed a set of Conditions, which form the basis of any supply contract. These can be found by clicking on the Conditions of Sale Button.

To strengthen the relationship between ship supplier and buyer still further, ISSA drew up a Code of Ethics, which Members abide by to ensure the highest standards are applied in day-to-day operations. Again, you can review these by clicking on the button.

Information is very much our business. We publish an informative and interesting magazine called “The Ship Supplier” at regular intervals containing news, views and relevant articles to the vibrant world of ship supply. Click on the relevant button to see recent issues of the magazine and advertising rates to get your message to ship owners, ship managers and ship suppliers world-wide.

The ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue is our premier publication. In the present 2009 Edition you will find every conceivable item you might need on board. In association with One Maritime the Catalogue can be accessed on-line. Alternatively you can purchase the Catalogue in printed form with its companion CD either from your nearest national ship suppliers association or one of our distributors. Contact the ISSA Secretariat in London for details of your nearest stockist

One of ISSA’s declared aims is to provide a better understanding between buyers and suppliers through consultation and communication.

Green ISSA initiative

We enjoy Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) status with both the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and UNCTAD and take part in promoting e-commerce through membership of MeCA (Maritime e-Commerce Association) and the Baltic Exchange. The ISSA Secretariat is certified ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. More information can be found on our Related Links page about these organisations.

We warmly welcome contact and feed-back from the thousands of visitors to this site. Please contact the ISSA Secretariat in London who will be very happy to assist you with your enquiry.