The merchant ship was founded in november 2006 after I Ola Nylander taken over Harry skeppsfournering existing since in 1972.

I took over the existing premises and continued operations in the same good spirit as before.

2011 my family moved in to Falkenberg to a house where I could have all its business too.

Nowadays, I work from home and then have to build a network of different suppliers who can help get the right items at the demand.

Ship chandler in Halland’s goal is to conduct an effective service for boats that visit the ports on the west coast.

Engages you ship chandler should be able to trust that you have goods of top quality.

The ports ship chandler has daily track of Halmstad, Varberg and Falkenberg where I also hold to and live.

But of course I run into all the ports on the west coast if need exists.

Ola Nylander

Office: +46 (0)346 10206

Mobile: +46 (0)70 547 04 10

Fax: +46 (0)346 841 33
Address: Varbergsvägen 58, S-311 36 Falkenberg
E-mail: info@shipchandler.se